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There’s nothing democratic about the EU

31 October, 2019

• THAT the EU can mesmerise a foreign parliament into defying the wishes of its own population is testament to the cult-like control it exercises over its members.

A minority of the electorate has also fallen under its sway and some of the saddest cases can be seen making their way home on the tubes and buses after one of their screaming-therapy sessions outside parliament.

Sated by their exertions, they saunter along beneath their little halos of yellow stars, beatific smiles playing around their lips, all the while blazing with the self-righteous conviction of true believers.

Straddling the monster that is the EU they simply can’t bring themselves to get off and are implacable in their determination to continue throwing money at their guru, as he impresses them mightily with his borrowed Rolls-Royce, completely failing to notice that he is a conman and a bankrupt.

The EU accounts have not been audited for decades and if anyone goes near them the commissioners panic and shoo them away. This is hardly surprising because when the economic black hole at the heart of that organisation finally implodes, it will make the 2008 banking crash look like a walk in the park.

The EU is a protectionist racket masquerading as a free-trade association and too many of our politicians and their camp followers have fallen for it.

Collecting subscriptions from 28 countries, skimming vast amounts of money to service the eye-watering salaries, bonuses, expenses and pensions of an army of overpaid nonentities, then distributing what’s left as “rebates” to the newest members to keep them sweet, is an economic model that Pablo Escobar would have been proud of.

The idea that the EU is in any way democratic is equally laughable. Twenty-eight countries, each with multiple political factions of varying degrees of stupidity, produce a ragbag parliament of 750 MEPs.

They may be elected after a fashion but unlike national parliaments they have no power to write legislation. Unelected commissioners produce legislation and give it to the European Parliament to scrutinise. The commissioners are not obliged to take any notice of what the MEPs say and they don’t.

A body that is elected but has no power is a novel development in the history of politics and an insult to the entire population of Europe. No wonder no one has ever noticed what it does because it doesn’t do anything.

The only two countries that make a net contribution to this nonsense are Germany and the UK. The rest either break even or are net beneficiaries. Germany’s Wagnerian dreams of remoulding Europe in its own image originated more than a century ago in jealousy of the British Empire and have never gone away.

This madness need not concern us. Let them get on with it if they want to, and let them pick up the tab.

Brewer Street, W1


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