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These new ‘legible’ signs are mere clutter

14 June, 2018

Legible London ‘clutter’ Signs

• IT is universally acknowledged that Transport for London seems to be a body unto itself, totally unaccountable to Joe Public and inaccessible by common man.

Recently you may have noticed the so-called Legible London Signs sprout up all over Camden. Camden did little to publicise the planning consultation and made it seem a done deal by claiming that they were “the London standard for clear mapping and directional information”.

Who in TfL decided this? The obelisks are of modern design and in the right place might be useful. But they are totally inappropriate for narrow streets; the detail and writing on them is so small that they are far from legible, and duplicate what can already be found on a mobile phone.

In short they are simply extra clutter, will need continual high cost maintenance if they are not to look tatty, and are a waste of money.

The photograph above shows an obelisk, if you can find it among the other clutter, which is more of a body prop than useful signage. TfL would have been better to spend its money on improving its bus services.



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