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These South End Green changes are madness – reverse them

11 September, 2020

Streatery in South End Green

• IS Starbucks, a global colossus with revenue over $26billion, really in need of a few more tables outside of their location on South End Green?

Was it worth it to add a full kilometre of empty bus run to every single 168 journey – running down the full length of Agincourt Road and then back up Fleet Road, just to accommodate a few extra seats?

The row of No 168 buses at the top of Fleet Road is totally dangerous, with ambulances and lorries struggling to slowly get through.

Camden Council, under the cover of Covid-19, had pushed the 168 buses into the Mansfield neighbourhood without warning or consultation.

It had to be without any consultation, as the 168 plans were previously rejected, not once, but twice.

On South End Green the unsightly barricades dissect the entire area with pedestrians forced off the pavement into the street. Most of the time the pavement stands empty, blocked off by oversized planters and barricades.

It make no sense for Starbucks to benefit from Camden tax-funded assistance, which does nothing to address the neglect of South End Green, the fountain, and surrounding area.

As for the organisers’ protestations that “this was never the plan”, where else would the 168 bus go? Sharing the stand with the 24 has repeatedly been proven unfeasible.

Camden, reverse this madness now.

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