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They are disregarding residents – all for luxury flats!

11 January, 2018

• I’M appalled but not surprised by Essential Living’s total disregard for local residents.

Will Camden Council protect us the taxpayers? The idea of allowing massive trucks through the pedestrianised market square for years to come is crazy.

Not only will it create hell in the surrounding residential area but there is the Swiss Cottage Surgery just in the centre of it. Access to it for disabled people is already difficult… it would become impossible. All massive construction lorries should access the site from the frontage of the building on the A41 Avenue Road.

And all this in order to create a tower of luxury flats with only one fire-safe access? Maybe the thinking behind it is: the flats are only for investment, no one is going to live in them, so no need of fire escape…

Greencroft Gardens, NW6


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