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They cut down an ash tree and now they’ll cash in

31 July, 2020

• A VERY old and beautiful ash, which was at least 70 years old and the subject of a tree protection order, was felled on June 22 and 23 in a garden in Sarre Road, West Hampstead.

In view of all we know about climate change and how beneficial trees are in this battle the loss of a mature tree is painful to me.

It was frequented by blackbirds and their singing gave joy and was most uplifting. Other birds nested in its verdant branches and used it as a stopping point. Alas the birds are now having to find other trees.

Then, on Friday July 24, I saw a notice on a lamp-post advising that a planning application has been submitted to build a house on that same land now made “available” by this act of wanton vandalism.

It is not right that someone wilfully takes such action and then profits. Do the rules not apply to them?



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