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They should have asked residents their views on the Whitecross Street Festival

17 September, 2021

• WITH the council making cuts to services, organisations etc, plus Covid-19 in our midst, I was quite surprised the Whitecross Street Festival, which disrupts all the local residents, was going ahead.

Which other residential estate would put up with this? During the week I have the market vans outside my front door and, come the weekend, of late I have workers digging up the road and path.

Residents in the street further back don’t mind the music so much but they don’t have it on their doorstep. Literally. I used to have some peace and quiet at weekends, like most people, but not now.

I have to endure a concert on my doorstep (which normally shakes the windows) going on until 10pm, which is ridiculous for myself and other residents (old people, people with children, etc) next to all this.

I am disgusted that the council and organisers do not ask the residents their opinions.



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