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Think again about closing the Old Street Crown Post Office

08 November, 2019

The Crown Post Office in Old Street

• WE were extremely disappointed to learn last week that, despite vehement opposition from us as local elected representatives, the council, trade unions and local residents, Old Street Crown Post Office will be closing in January.

Post offices offer local people vital services that are central to their everyday lives. From accessing social security support, to applying for passports and posting parcels. Post offices are incredibly highly valued by many people.

The Old Street Crown Post Office offers the full range of services that local people rely on. It is a busy branch that meets the needs of thousands of local people every year.

We are extremely concerned about the impact the closure would have on the local community. We are worried that accessibility to services for residents and local businesses will be impacted by moving the post office from a dedicated store to a counter in a busy supermarket.

We are worried that staff, who currently enjoy their role working in the post office, may end up being pressed into other roles in the supermarket instead. But, ultimately, we are most worried that a treasured community asset is being stripped away from local people.

Sadly our borough has been through this process many times before, with the closures of Highbury Corner and Upper Holloway Crown Post Offices and merger of Finsbury Park Crown Post Office with a stationery store.

We are disappointed that, again, the residents, Islington Council and local elected representatives are being ignored by the Post Office Ltd. We are urging the Post Office to think again and to keep Old Street Crown Post Office open.

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Islington South & Finsbury

Labour, Bunhill ward


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