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Think again about plans for Highgate Newtown Community Centre

28 June, 2018

• DESPITE extensive consultation it appears the redevelopment of the much-loved Highgate Newtown Community Centre is still uncertain. Thank heavens!

It is easy to see increasing the number of (private) flats in the proposed development in such a restricted site was always going to be undesirable, and that a lively, successful community centre might generate conflict between owners and users.

So, please, can we have a complete rethink? Perhaps it is difficult for hard-pressed councillors to imagine a new solution, but it can and has been done under equally unpromising conditions in many places.

For example, some villages in Devon have acquired redundant schools for community use despite the county council wanting to sell the sites for redevelopment.

What’s been devastating has been these months of uncertainty. Funders do not like uncertainty. Clear ownership of the buildings by the trustees could open the doors to many other sources of funding and secure a long-term future for what has been, and still can be, great community facilities.



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