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This is not the year 1665

12 November, 2020

• WE do not need an army of volunteer local zealots with time on their hands pursuing people from door to door about virus tests and vulnerability as Don Ryan proposes, (Let’s blitz Covid crisis with our own street volunteers, November 5).

That is what it would turn into. People have quite enough to cope with at the moment. He complains about the 1650s and the banning of Christmas celebrations.

Well it was precisely an army of zealots “saving your souls” in that case which caused the sort of thing he complains of.

Mr Ryan, like many people at the moment it seems, may not be aware that daily deaths in this country have been typical for the time of year for months. There no great spike in deaths like in the spring.

The idea of “eradicating the virus”, presumably indicated by the lack of any positive test results, is impossible. Errors in the test will ensure that.

Many people are scared enough of even going out without volunteers knocking on their doors building more fear; or why would such measures be needed?

What next? Daily visits inviting people to “bring out your dead”? Marks on doors to indicate infected homes?

This is not 1665. The really concerning thing is the number of deaths which are occurring and will occur as a result of the focus on the virus and the difficulty or delay in getting seen for other diseases, particularly heart problems and cancer.

Deaths in private homes are up. This will go on for years.



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