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This Tory councillor’s attack on Labour, alleging anti-Semitism, was an all-time low

08 February, 2018

• I AM getting used to false accusations of anti-Semitism when Labour is attacked in the media.

It is easier to say that XY and their comrades are anti-Semitic than to admit that XY and their comrades promote socialist policies for the many not just the few.

But Conservative councillor Gio Spinella’s letter (Threat from this racism, January 25) sunk to an all-time low. To manipulate Jewish readers for their votes (during the week of the International Holocaust Day) is a shameless weaponising of the tragedy of all those persecuted and murdered.

The slur of anti-Semitism against the left seems very similar to the slurs of Communism against Jews some 70 and more years ago.

I hope that residents in the Frognal & Fitzjohns ward will listen to the three excellent Labour candidates and will judge them on policy and integrity. They definitely have my vote!

​Holocaust child-survivor


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