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Those who understand racism and do not accept it will stand by the Palestinians

02 July, 2020

• MEMBERS and friends of Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association (CADFA) this week held small, socially-distanced, demos in 16 or more places across the country holding placards saying “No to Israeli annexation of the West Bank.”

Israel took over the West Bank by force and is continuing to develop huge “settlements” (colonial towns) and settler-only roads and infrastructure for Israelis on Palestinian land in defiance of international law (the Geneva Conventions).

They are violating the human rights of the Palestinians who are being pushed around and disregarded as their land is progressively taken over by the Israeli settlers supported by one of the biggest armies in the world.

Now with formal annexation of large swathes of the West Bank they are defying the world and international law once again and publicly stating they do not intend ever to leave the land or allow the Palestinians any room to breathe.

People who have been on CADFA’s visits to Palestine over the years since 2005 have seen for themselves the apartheid situation and appalling injustice in Palestine. We will be running another visit this summer, by Zoom, and invite applications now.

Those who understand racism and do not accept it will stand by the Palestinians. Camden’s long-standing friends in Abu Dis appreciate our solidarity.

We call on readers to write to foreign office minister James Cleverly to ask our government to join in this opposition, and also to Sir Keir Starmer, our MP as well as leader of the Opposition, who has been disappointingly quiet on Israel’s planned new transgression of international law.

Director, CADFA, NW5


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