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Thousands sign petition against late night events at London Zoo

Zoo claims animal welfare protest follows 'heavily sensationalised news reports'

06 June, 2019 — By Tom Foot

MORE than 30,000 people have called for a ban on late-night parties at London Zoo.

The Regent’s Park zoo runs live music events, called Zoo Nights, every Friday throughout June and July. Animal rights activists say that profit is being put before the welfare of animals which have more sensitive hearing than humans.

An online petition by Abbie Andrews, who started the campaign, said: “The last thing these animals need is to be surrounded by drunk people and loud music. This has to stop. It seems like there is absolutely no consideration for the animals, who are already kept at the zoo against their will. It is all for consumers.”

She added: “This is clearly a big money-maker but I’m sure there are plenty of other ways of raising money without risking the animals’ safety, as this should be top priority.”

There have been national media reports of tigers having beer poured on them and butterflies being crushed at previous late-night events criticised by the RSPCA and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This year’s £20-ticket Zoo Nights in­cludes a nine-hole crazy golf course.

A zoo statement said claims of poor animal welfare were only made in “heavily sensationalised news reports”, adding: “We have strict measures in place and animal welfare is always a top priority when planning events. At every Zoo Nights event we have an animal welfare officer present, along with our expert zookeepers who care for our animals. We also monitor sound levels and ensure we continuously adhere to all relevant policies.”

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