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Time for a say on Brexit

15 November, 2018

• I APPLAUD our council in putting the interests of Camden citizens ahead of party politics. On Monday councillors from different parties worked together to pass a motion supporting a people’s vote on whether or not to have Brexit.

Importantly small print and evasive caveats to giving the people this vote on Brexit have been removed. Brexit stands to be disastrous for Camden’s hospitals and schools as well as workers in companies from the creative sector, centred in Camden Town, to our cutting edge high-tech sector in and around the new King’s Cross development.

It’s great to see Camden councillors voting to give people a chance to have a say on Brexit. Of course, the baton is now passed on to our national politicians in the Palace of Westminster who will hear the clarion call from Camden.

I expect parliament to study and follow the fine example from Camden and give all citizens in our great countries of the United Kingdom the opportunity to have a final say on Brexit.

The time for sugar-coated words, avoidance tactics and general election distractions has passed. Now is the time for all the peoples of the UK to come together and express their wishes on whether or not to have the Brexit now laid before them, before any deal is done and before it is too late.



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