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Times change with the HS2 monster and a lack of respect for the dead

16 February, 2017

• TOM Foot’s report (Bring up the bodies: HS2 sees graves exhumed, February 9) about the proposed closure of St James Gardens, Cardington Street, from this coming June to allow the removal of some 45,000 buried human remains is dismaying to read.

The site was converted into a local park some years ago.

Recreational space was much needed in that area. The clearance is because of the arrival of the HS2 railway extension, to provide a new entrance to the nearby Euston HS2 station.

The article was well researched and worth copying and keeping by all interested in this area. I make a special plea that the obelisk-style memorial placed at the entrance to the park be retained and re-sited in a prominent position.

Known as the “Christie memorial” and made of granite, it is inscribed with details of Captain Charles Christie, 32, who was killed in Persia in 1812 (of historic interest).

The other three sides contain details of others of that family.

Other overflow burial grounds were converted to recreational use and many were cleared. Notably the dead were removed from the St Pancras site to allow that station to extend a few years ago.

Times change and even the dead are not respected. The HS2 monster was approved by parliament despite all opposition to it. Democracy? Moot point.

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