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To oppose a Labour victory now is to deliver the country to racists of all stripes

07 November, 2019

• RABBI Dr Jonathan Romain (Maidenhead synagogue) wrote last week to his congregation urging them to “defeat Labour” because he thinks that “a Corbyn-led government would pose a danger to Jewish life as we know it”.

This week Rabbi Howard Cooper (Finchley synagogue) responded critically: “Jews are not threatened with organised violence in this country.

“If it comes, as it might, it will come from the populist right – who have no internal countervailing voices, as the left do. We will then realise that we had our eyes on the wrong ball all along.”

In fact, evidence in Greg Philo’s book Bad News for Labour reveals that less than 0.1 per cent of Labour Party members have been investigated for anti-Semitism, despite the daily media hype which sets out to convince the public that it is 34 per cent.

To oppose a Labour victory at this moment in time is to deliver the UK into the hands of billionaire Donald Trump and racists of all stripes.

Even before the installation in No 10 of Boris Johnson (whose well-known racist comments include describing Black people as “piccaninnies” and comparing Muslim women to “letterboxes”), the Tory party went on record in the European Parliament supporting Victor Orban: the Hungarian leader and Holocaust denier “accused of violating press freedoms, undermining judicial independence and waging an anti-Semitic campaign against a leading Jewish businessman”.

As Jeremy Corbyn puts it, with Johnson’s elevation, “The Tories have lurched to the hard right” and are working towards a no-deal Brexit which would open our NHS and every aspect of our lives in the UK to a US corporate takeover led by a racist, sexist, climate change denier.

This is why liberal Tories have left the party. This is why even right-leaning journalists are afraid of Johnson. This is what is at stake in the election.

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Anti-Zionist Network UK


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