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Today’s voters who were denied a voice in referendum

09 November, 2018

Brexit co-author Tom Salinsky with actor Timothy Bentinck

• IT was 48 per cent of those who voted who wanted to be in the European Union. May I repeat: of those who voted.

Your article about Brexit at the King’s Head Theatre (‘There’s something for everyone’: Brexit play comes to Islington, November 2) was mistaken in saying the result of the referendum in 2016 was between 48 per cent or 52 per cent “of the British public”.

Nearly a quarter didn’t vote. And there were a lot more people around than that. Those aged 16 to 18, EU nationals in the UK and British people abroad more than 15 years were all denied a voice. Since then I have met several people who were 16 in 2016. Now they are 18 and can vote.

Member, European Movement UK


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