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Tories are waging war on Londoners

22 May, 2020

• WE are appalled that the government are trying to hold the Mayor of London to ransom by refusing to negotiate fair financial support for Transport for London and offering only a bad deal that leaves the poorest and most vulnerable Londoners worst off.

Unlike the Conservative government, who are busy playing political games with London’s vital public services, Sadiq Khan has had to accept the Conservatives’ appalling scheme in order to keep London running.

One cannot expect better from the Conservatives, who have a dreadful record of penalising the poor, but even in the midst of a global pandemic they have no excuse for waging their war on London.

The impact of their plan will see many vital local projects slashed, such as road and pedestrian safety at a time when we are encouraging people to walk more.

And when services are cut back or terminated, we know who and what is to blame. Londoners are, as ever, left vastly worse off by this government, despite contributing more and more to the national economy and tax revenues.

It is high time more of the money London pays out comes back.

Labour, London Assembly Member for Barnet & Camden

Labour, Candidate for Barnet & Camden


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