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Tories call for Camden to adopt a new Animal Welfare Charter

Opposition want Camden to be more committed to reuniting stray dogs with their owners

01 November, 2018 — By Richard Osley

Maria Higson and Oliver Cooper

THE Town Hall is being urged to adopt a new “Animal Welfare Charter” which would stop performing animals being used in circuses on council land and ban the use of fish as fairground prizes.

Other potential clauses in a suggested charter, which has been drafted by Camden’s Conservative group, could include extra commitments to reuniting stray dogs with owners or rehousing them with new carers.

Tory group leader Oliver Cooper and Maria Higson will ask councillors to support the idea at a full council meeting later this month.

Cllr Cooper said: “Camden Conservatives want Camden Council to follow the lead of dozens of other councils and adopt an Animal Welfare Charter that spells out how the council will go beyond its statutory duties in improving animal welfare standards.”


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