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Travel between the Royal Free and Chase Farm is a problem, Sir David

04 January, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• I AND no doubt many of your correspondents, read with incredulity the December 20 letter from Sir David Sloman, (Royal Free group chief executive). Listen he might, but hear he does not.

The main and majority issue has been the problematic travel arrangements and costs for local residents to access services transferred to Chase Farm. This he and trust members studiously ignore.

An example I heard of last week was of a patient for elective surgery having to be at Chase Farm for 8am having to take a taxi costing £50 to get there. It is this travel issue which is the concern of hundreds of patients, not only in Camden but also to those living in Chase Farm where services have been transferred to the Royal Free.

This travel issue was first raised with Camden councillors (the health scrutiny committee) in mid-August and subsequently with Camden’s appointed RF governor. We have no information from the individuals concerned (councillors Alison Kelly and Abi Wood) whether they have passed on travel and other concerns to Sir David.

Surely in 2019 it is not beyond the wit of those concerned, the council, Transport for London and the RF trust (with possibly a sponsor), to arrange for a shuttle bus. What is most disturbing is that the concerns of patients are ignored, apparently by both the council and the hospital.

Royal Free patient, NW5


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