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Trump is not the only one to build a wall

20 June, 2019

President Donald Trump

• PRESIDENT Donald Trump is vilified for wanting to build a wall. The European Union built a wall with little said or fuss made.

Under the terms of the agreement struck by the European Council (no me neither) and Turkey in March 2016 the EU was to pay 6.5billion euros, grant visa-free travel to Turkish citizens to the EU and begin the process to resume negotiations for Turkey to become a member of the EU.

The purpose is to discourage the movement of refugees to the EU and facilitate deportations. The EU reached agreement aimed at curbing the flow of migrants from Libya.

The EU supports the establishment of safe camps, the Libyan coastguard receives support and training to prevent refugees leaving the country and return those who attempt it.

Money is paid to Niger, put at a billion euros, and 100million euros in Sudan to discourage refugees. The EU is spending a lot of your money on anti-immigration policy.

President Trump is vilified for imposing tariffs yet critics ignore the fact the EU already has over 2,000 of its own which mostly target poor countries. These could be the very countries so impoverished that citizens are desperate to get away whatever the cost.

That is the EU: a mercantilist enterprise with an economy-wrecking comedy currency used to build a wall to keep people out. They’ve even got their own flag. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?



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