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Turning an Idea into an Online Business

27 February, 2020

Would-be entrepreneurs frequently start their own businesses through being unable to find the solution to one of their own problems. Perhaps they can’t locate the right type of soft furnishings or the ideal accessories for a special event. It can be an inspirational moment when they decide they can produce exactly what’s required themselves, then suddenly realise they could turn their talents into a real business.

Even with the recent cut in business rates, the cost of opening a traditional shop on the High Street is well beyond the reach of most people. But with the availability of affordable online shops, anyone can start a retail business with practically no investment and minimal overheads. However, the most difficult part of such an exciting journey is having the perseverance to overcome an initial lack of response from the buying public.

Why are new businesses overlooked?

In the UK, e-commerce has been steadily increasing every year for more than a decade and it’s a trend that looks set to continue. Shopping online is convenient, efficient and provides customers with masses of information and reviews about the products they are interested in. But if you have just started out, you won’t have sold anything and your online shop isn’t going to display feedback of any kind. Without any comments, it can be hard to persuade anyone to risk clicking that button to buy your products.

You’ve probably reacted in the same way yourself when coming across interesting items in unfamiliar online shops. How eager have you been to part with your hard-earned money when you’re not sure you can trust the vendor? It’s an irritating catch twenty-two obstacle. You can’t make a sale without a review and you can’t get a review without a sale. However, there are strategies you can use to make a good first impression.

A positive impact

The biggest investment newcomers to online retail can make is their time. Setting up a shop with high-quality images and detailed product descriptions can take ages until you’re more used to how everything works. One of the most important factors when you’re starting out in business is to create a professional image. It’s worth taking the time to write your descriptions and about page in excellent English. If spelling isn’t your strong point, there are many online spellcheckers you can use for free. You could even ask a local teacher for assistance.

A polished, high-quality presentation instantly informs your visitors that you care about your business and want to succeed. Including a small questions and answers section will give the impression that people have already made enquiries about your products. It should encourage your shop’s visitors to stop and think how your response has actually provided them with the solution they are looking for. And that’s only the start. Click here to discover even more ways to turn your idea into a successful online business.


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