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Use the Euston site for homes and jobs – not a land grab

05 September, 2019

Grant Shapps and developers Lendlease’s vision for the land around Euston

• SO we have the HS2 land grab everybody suspected, (New transport secretary could hand Euston land to developers – even if HS2 is abandoned, August 29).

If it hadn’t been, the new station would not have been planned alongside but above the existing one which is at such low level that at first trains had to be hauled out by cables.

To save spiralling costs and avoid adding to congestion in Central London is simple; first, take HS2 not into a terminus but on via HS1 to Kent and Europe, bypassing the walk to St Pancras and bypassing flights from Heathrow that then no longer needs any third runway.

Second, avoid the expense of the trains being marginally faster then the HS1 and European standard, the speed only having been needed to achieve the 20-minute saving over existing services between London and Birmingham.

Third, with the Lendlease deal for a terminus no longer on the cards the vast area in public ownership can, as Camden Council leader Georgia Gould said, accommodate thousands of much-needed homes and jobs locally in the Euston area.

Euston Street, NW1


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