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VAWG: A special edition, but this can’t be a one-stop shop

CNJ written almost exclusively by women this week

19 November, 2021

THIS week’s Camden New Journal looks a little different from your regular edition.

For the first time in our history, the issue is written almost exclusively by female writers. As the issues of safety, prejudice, misogyny and sexism are discussed nationally, and attempts are made to break down long-standing barriers, journalists should be open to the view that our own industry has issues of representation to reflect on.

The New Journal has over the years had many women on its staff – including one of its co-founders and a writer who was perhaps one of the country’s first female sports editors on a local newspaper.

The landscape is changing for the better but there is no denying that this newspaper, like nearly every media outlet in the country for that matter, has often been dominated by male voices.

That cannot be said of this week’s edition and we are lucky enough to have a host of women who have taken the invitation to write on a series of diverse subjects: sometimes explaining difficulties that need to be addressed, sometimes celebrating role models and pioneers.

We dearly thank everybody who has taken the time to contribute. Apart from three news pages between 14 and 16, the newspaper this week continues to be written by women through our review and sports sections, and our leader column.

We’d like to thank sponsors too who backed the idea and kindly helped us clear our normal advertising on many of the pages so we could publish as many features as possible. Your support is invaluable for producing hard-hitting editions like this and helps our campaigning spirit thrive.

It is not just a one-stop shop, however. Further articles will appear in the coming weeks and months.

We pledged to keep the issues here in the public eye in March, and that resolve remains undimmed.


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