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Victim assaulted for objecting to public urination said attackers were ‘trying to kill me’

Restaurant owner was kicked and punched in the head after telling man to "put it way"

23 August, 2018 — By William McLennan

Joe Walters – known as Texas Joe – said: “This was beyond a scuffle.”

A RESTAURANT owner who was brutally assaulted when he confronted a man urinating in the street has said he believes his attackers were trying to kill him.

Joe Walters suffered a broken jaw and bleeding on the brain when he was punched and kicked in the head by three men in South Hampstead after asking one of them to “put it away”.

Mr Walters, who owns Texas Joe’s restaurant near London Bridge, said: “This is beyond the simple street fight or random scuffle. He tried to kill me.”

The 45-year-old, who was born in Dallas, appeared on television’s Dragon’s Den in 2013 looking for funding for Texas Joe’s beef jerky.

He had a titanium plate screwed into his jaw after the attack and spent a week in hospital recovering.

Doctors are still monitoring a subdural haematoma that has left him with “chronic migraines and a bit of confusion”.

“It’s affected everything,” he said. “I can’t put in the sort of hours at work I used to put in. I just feel some general anxiety around people and a bit less confident.”

Public urination has proved to be a flashpoint in busy areas like Camden Town as residents come up against revellers.

On the night of the attack, Mr Walters had been celebrating the birthday of his partner, Fliss Horocks.

The couple were walking to their local shop in Fairfax Road at around 1am on June 10 when they encountered a man urinating against a tree.

When Mr Walters told him to “put it away”, the man turned on him, and delivered several blows to the head before his friend entered the fray.

“[The second man] hits me with a barrage of combination shots,” he said. “It was a really fast flurry, like a cartoon boxer.

“There was a third guy who was lingering to my left and I turn to him and say: ‘Are you pretty proud of your friends?’

“He then reaches back and telegraphs a pretty good punch to my face. He hits me maybe two more times.

“All these punches I’m taking OK, but then I get hit with this punch that is like when Bugs Bunny gets the anvil dropped on his head. Stars around your head.

“I’m just blindsided with this sucker punch straight to the jaw that sends me down to the ground. Then I see out of the darkness this kind of shadow come walking towards me and a leg and a shoe just coming right at my face. Then I go unconscious. He kicks me in the head probably three of four times.”

He added: “At this point my partner thinks I’m probably dead.”

His attackers eventually fled, leaving Mr Walters to stumble home.

He said: “My feeling is it’s probably not the first time him or the group of people have done that. I feel like if we can get these guys, we can pre- vent it happening to someone else.”

Detective Constable Angela Greaves said: “I urge anyone who can put a name to the faces of the men pictured to call with- out delay. Information provided will be treated in strictest confidence.”

Anyone who can help name the suspects shown in the images should con- tact Central North Command Major Crimes by dialling 101 and quoting CAD634/10JUN.

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