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Vladimir Putin’s Russia has proved itself a bad loser

13 August, 2021

• THE former Soviet Union and today’s Russia have a poor record in fair and clean sporting achievement but, doubtless, many individual Russians fully deserved their medals.

I am pleased the IOC found a way to include Russians, for most competitors would wish to compete against the best.

It is disgraceful that Russia’s state-sponsored broadcasters and a Russian MP chose to embarrass its competitors with discriminatory and unsporting remarks about gold medal winner Tom Daley and Russia would do well to learn from the young man as to how to be a good competitor.

Of the five countries with 20 or more gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics, all have populations of over 125million bar the UK.

Not only does Vladimir Putin’s Russia present itself as a bad loser but to lose out in the gold medals table to Team GB, representing a relatively small country like ours, must be galling for a country with well over twice the population.

Australia sixth and the Netherlands seventh is outstanding.

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