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15 October, 2020

• THE planned development for 156 West End Lane is already the most unpopular scheme in West Hampstead history, having received a record of more than 1,000 formal objections from residents, before being approved anyway by Camden Council in 2017.

It is therefore disturbing that the developers, A2 Dominion, have now submitted a proposal to change these plans and make the development even larger.

The headline figure is an additional 16 residential units, from 164 to 180 total. However the developers also propose to change the overall mix of units within that, scrapping 17 two-bedroom flats and replacing them with an additional 33 one-bedroom flats.

West Hampstead already has a problem with too few family homes. Young couples preparing to start a family are increasingly moving out of the area, which is why Camden Council has recently closed, or is in the process of closing, three schools and six nurseries.

We urge all councillors on the planning committee to vote against this proposal.

West Hampstead Conservatives

Fortune Green Conservatives


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