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Watch out, boundary changes about!

28 November, 2019

• THE Local Govern­ment Boundary Commission for England begins its recommendations for the borough of Camden by saying it is, “… an independent body set up by parliament. We are not part of government or any political party”.

Yet, astonishingly, it goes on to say, “We are therefore proposing a single-councillor Highgate ward based on the warding patterns proposed to us by Camden Conservatives”.

This proposal would replace the current three councillors – two Labour and one Green – with one councillor. The ward would be split between Highgate to the north and Dartmouth Park to the south.

The council’s proposals to the commission were for all wards to be three-councillor wards; the Lib Dems two- or three-councillor wards; the Conservatives two- or three-councillor wards, except for Highgate with only one.

This is likely to replace the diversity of representation in the north east of Camden with a right-wing redoubt. Since public consultation ended on November 11, what can be done apart from objecting to this process on

There’s a word for electoral boundary changes designed to favour one party at the expense of others. It’s gerrymandering.

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