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WATCH: Poverty is fuelling knife crime, Camden’s Youth MP tells Commons

Athian Akec makes speech in House of Commons

12 November, 2018 — By Richard Osley

POVERTY is helping to fuel the wave of knife crime seen in Camden and elsewhere, the borough’s Youth MP has told a parliamentary debate.

Speaking during the annual meeting of the Youth Parliament on Friday, Camden’s elected representative Athian Akec, 15,  said the issue was so deep-rooted that the government could not “police their way out of a knife crime epidemic.

Youth MPs from around the country voted to make tackling knife crime their number one priority.

“The impact of knife crime on individuals is undeniable and while politicians wish to police their way out a knife crime epidemic, it is simply not possible,” said Athian. “We must focus on the root causes of knife crime: Poverty, inequality and austerity, and a lack of opportunity. We must petition the government to put reason over rhetoric, compassion over indifference, equality over austerity. as knife crime claims more lives within our country.”

He added: “Never has so much been lost by so many because of the indecision of so few. We must stand for lives above knives, we must put knife crime first.”


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