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Magic water drops could ‘eradicate’ burglaries

Tories say council should fund distribution of SmartWater liquid

26 February, 2020 — By Richard Osley

Oliver Cooper will bring a motion to Monday’s full council meeting

THE Town Hall has been told it can “eradicate” burglary if it pays for people’s belongings to be doused in magic water which helps the forensic tracing of stolen goods.

Council chiefs will be challenged on Monday to “provide required funding and officer support” to expand the use of “Smart Water” across Camden.

The invisible liquid can provide a major hurdle for thieves trying to resell valuables taken during burglaries and has assisted police widen their investigations.

The Conservative opposition in the chamber has lined up a motion to be debated at Monday’s full council meeting calling for


Camden to become the first “Smart Water council”. Its councillors believe that if people use the water inside their homes and signs go up warning would-be thieves of its presence, then burglary levels will dramatically fall.

Police have committed to distributing 440,000 Smart Water kits across London, but Tory leader Councillor Oliver Cooper said this would not be enough to reach “saturation” levels. If more than half of homes in a street use Smart Water, then it is declared a “Smart Water street”.

Cllr Cooper said: “Where deliberate efforts have been made to achieve these levels of satisfaction, burglary has fallen by 94 per cent, effectively eradicating burglary and reducing thefts from motor vehicles by over 80 per cent too.”

Each bottle of the liquid has a unique code, creating a link between belongings and their owners. The Met has said that it is “integral” for users of Smart Water to place a sticker on their property warning thieves that items will be traced.

Meanwhile, police are investigating a home in Highgate after a burglary in which the suspect was disturbed in the act. Neighbours said they saw three men “clambering across gardens” after a man had fled a house in Broadlands Road via a balcony on Thursday evening.


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