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We are fortunate to have the community spirit of Abacus Belsize Primary School

07 January, 2021

The empty police station in Rosslyn Hill

• THIS year 2021 may be unpredictable. But one thing I can depend on is the community spirit that exists at Abacus Belsize Primary School.

During the challenging periods when our family needed to quarantine, I have been overwhelmed by the support from Abacus.

I received text messages offering to deliver food, kind notes to the door, and cheery messages through various religious holidays.

The Abacus community is like one large family that has supported each other through the unpredictable times and for this I am thankful.

We suffered the disappointment of the refusal to make the empty building on Rosslyn Hill our permanent home on the last day of the term, (School is blocked again from moving into Hampstead police station, December 24).

At the time our family was in quarantine. The timing of the message couldn’t have been worse, coming at the end of a challenging year and right before a holiday.

We received the report later than promised, and questioned why the report couldn’t be delivered weeks earlier or later in the new year. But, even in the face of this disappointment, we will rise up. We always do.

The truth is the strength of Abacus Belsize Primary School has never been in the future permanent building. It has always been in the staff and the resilient families.

I feel fortunate to be surrounded by this community in the Belsize area. And although it would be nice to walk to school, I’m still happy to walk my three children any distance to the bus collection just so they can be part of Abacus.

How privileged are we to be able to teach our children lessons first-hand about perseverance and resilience. We patiently wait for the special day when we get our permanent home.

We look forward to hearing from the many politicians who have promised both publicly and privately to help us secure a permanent home.

Belsize Park


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