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We are still free to bike – and offer help

26 March, 2020

• I THOUGHT I had my health maintenance regime cracked last week.

I was able to visit the gym three times and the pool twice. Then Friday night cometh and it taketh away!

But all is not lost. As of Monday we are still free to bike, which doesn’t involve getting in anyone’s face.

As a mission of mercy this morning for my daughter, who is “shielding” (because of asthma she’s a “vulnerable person”), I delivered to her in Balham urgent items like hand gel, surgical gloves, surface wipes (and chocolate).

It’s about 10 miles across town and I can report that in glorious sunshine the ride both ways was a total delight!

Not only was I awarded an honorary halo by said daughter but I also experienced endorphins galore! In these dystopian days cycling is highly recommended.

Former Camden Cycling Champion


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