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We can work continent-wide for a whole new European project

10 January, 2019

• I AM proud to say I voted for Brexit. I knew exactly what I was doing. If you gave me another 50 opportunities to vote on this issue I would gladly vote in favour of Brexit again and again.

The European Union is an organisation run, above all, for the benefit of bankers and businessmen. To give but one example from many I could have chosen: In 2011 these were the EU terms for the bail-out of the Portuguese banking industry: a huge public sector wage cut; mass privatisations; and cuts to public services including health care, education and social care, and major tax rises. Mass increases in the cost of living led to a sharp rise in the use of food banks.

Let me give one further example of EU policies in action. The fourth EU package of rail liberalisation directives embeds an identical competitive structure to the 1993 Railways Act introduced in Britain, in order to open up domestic public rail services to compulsory competitive tendering across all EU member states and regions by December 2019.

Given the damage the Tory 1993 Railways Act has inflicted on the travelling public of Britain in the last 25 years, it beggars belief that so many people in this country can be such fanatical cheerleaders for an organisation that would inflict this rotten structure on rail passengers all over Europe.

And for those who insist that the EU has some progressive policies on things like environmental protection and food standards, are you seriously telling me that we are not capable as a country of maintaining high standards on issues of such importance? If we in the UK vote for a suitably progressive government we can secure these standards for the benefit of us all.

Finally, let me address those who believe that the EU holds the whip hand and can bully us into submission as to the terms of Brexit.

We have always been net contributors to the EU budget. We have a trade deficit with the EU of £60billion per year. Do you really think the EU are going to turn their backs on such a powerful and lucrative customer?

Of course, the EU were always going to play hardball throughout the Brexit negotiations. They had no choice. They had to hope that we would blink first because the survival of their entire rotten banker-friendly European project was at stake if we refused to back down.

Look at the example of France. The people there have had enough of the entire pro-banker EU project and are rebelling en masse against its number one supporter, president Emmanuel Macron.

The people of Italy are no more fans of the EU than the 17 million bravehearts in the UK who voted to reject this rotten club. I firmly believe that where the UK leads, other peoples in Europe will follow.

Then we can all work together, continent-wide, as friendly, independent, nation-states and create a whole new European project, only this time it will be for the benefit of the people of Europe, and not the bankers and businessmen.

Raglan Street, NW5


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