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We could ban all motorbike use after dark

20 September, 2019

• HOW can it be that one person riding a motorbike can wake thousands of people up at night without consequence.

The health and productivity effects of a good night’s sleep are well known and people should be able to have a window open at night without being disturbed from their slumber.

What is even more mind-boggling is that if a person were to make half the level of noise singing on the pavement as a vintage motorbike does on the road they would be prosecuted.

There is one law for the pavement and another for the road, which is not right. The law banning excessive noise on the highway must be enforced.

There is a new technological solution to this menace, which impacts all of our liberty, health and wellbeing. And that is installing noise cameras which operate in a similar way as speed cameras do but detect noisy vehicles.

The Department for Transport recently did a trial with these cameras and I urge Islington Council and the police to install them on our streets.

It will generate an income, help enforce the law and give us all a good night’s sleep. Failing this, there should be a ban on all motorbikes after dark.

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