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We have to view this election through the lens of Brexit

08 November, 2019

• WE have to view this general election through the lens of Brexit, regrettably. The general election on December 12 is taking place at a time of crisis and the outcome will shape the future of our country for generations.

As the parties launch their campaigns, the single issue of Brexit will agitate emotions and dominate conversations. We didn’t want to have a general election dictated by this unmanageable beast; we wanted a people’s vote before a general election.

The Liberal Democrats tabled 17 amendments and motions to provide for a people’s vote in this parliament but time after time a significant minority of Labour MPs and pro-Brexit Conservatives blocked us.

We are the only party that has consistently acted to stop Brexit. And stop it we must. Or we risk losing jobs and further starving our public services. Because there is no route to fulfil the future we envision if we suffer the economic impact of leaving the EU.

The Liberal Democrats want to build a brighter future for all, a future where we keep our seat at the EU table so we can continue to use our strong voice in Europe and around the world; a future where we have the money to invest in education and youth services and work with businesses to provide more opportunities for the young; a future where we nurse the NHS back to health and treat mental health as a priority; a future where we work with our European allies on cross-border issues to fight crime, tax avoidance and the climate crisis.

Yes, Brexit has distracted us from these vital issues. Like millions of others, we are angry at how much time and money have been spent recklessly these past three-and-a-half years.

Instead of wasting millions on useless 50p coins, we should be talking about how to smartly invest the £50billion remain bonus we can realise by revoking Article 50 and keeping the deal we already have.

And we believe – no we know – that we have the support across Islington to do this. The Liberal Democrats won Islington in the May 2019 European elections; 50,000 people in the borough have since signed the revoke Article 50 petition. Like us, they recognise we must stop Brexit and build a brighter future, starting with this election.

Liberal Democrat
Parliamentary Candidate for Islington South & Finsbury


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