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We hope the Planning Inspectorate will do its job with this reservoir appeal

05 April, 2018

Plans for Gondar Gardens

• A LUXURY retirement “community” in Fortune Green… no thank you! (Campaigners face fifth battle to save West Hampstead reservoir land, April 5).

Fifteen years after Thames Water emptied the grass-covered under-ground Gondar Gardens reservoir, they, and successive developers, have tried to turn this valuable green space into just another housing development.

Camden has rightly turned down the latest planning application on the basis that 82 luxury flats and a nursing home, private swimming pool, dining facilities and a fleet of chauffeur-driven cars, is simply too much.

And we’re talking about a designated Open Space and Site of Nature Conservation Interest.

So now the developer has lodged an appeal against Camden’s decision. Camden has correctly applied its planning policies and listened to local people. We hope and expect that the Planning Inspector will do so too.

Not only would this be massive over-development of a valuable green lung, the scheme doesn’t even make sense. An old people’s home on top of a 1 in 4 hill? Housing density based on erroneous and misleading data.

Four chauffeur-driven cars between 100s of residents and a vain hope that they won’t bring their own cars and park on surrounding streets.

Three courtyards with steps but no ramps connecting them. Corridors which their own designers say aren’t wide enough for wheelchair use. What kind of design is that?

Come on Planning Inspectorate, do your job and inspect the plans.



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