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We need a real response on the question of public loos

27 November, 2020

Where are the toilets?

• IT’S good to see Camden Council promoting its community toilet scheme in response to your coverage of Kilburn Older Voices Exchange’s new campaign for a staffed public toilet on Kilburn High Road, (‘Loos are a necessity – not a convenience’, November 19).

But where are the five toilets they refer to? There is the Tricycle theatre (Kiln) and McDonald’s and the library at the southern end; but Victoria Road is not just closed, it’s been taken away.

There’s also one, useful but too far away for shoppers, at Abbey Community Centre. There’s another with very restricted access on Kilburn tube station which isn’t part of the scheme.

It’s nothing like enough for a major shopping centre on such a long and busy road. And who knows about them? No one we’ve spoken to on the street. There’s no signage and the details are hard to find on the council website.

Kilburn Older Voices Exchange wants to see better, more extensive, facilities and a purposeful response from both Camden and Brent councils to this shocking situation.

Kilburn Older Voices Exchange
A total necessity


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