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We need a rethink on the decision to close our nursery

13 July, 2017

• I WRITE to share my story with you about the shocking news of the imminent closure of Lithos Pre-school.

I am a parent of a child who attends this nursery in Lithos Road and also a resident of the area in which it is located.

As parents we were told on June 29 that the nursery will be closing permanently on July 20, only to be told the following day that it will now be closing on the 14th. This does not give much time for parents or resident to try to fight the decision.

We were told the closure is due to the rent recently being tripled which the nursery can no longer afford to pay.

The nursery is run by the charity Pre-school Learning Alliance and the commercial space is owned by Notting Hill Housing Trust. However it is being managed by the Odu-Dua Housing Association.

Prior to being a nursery this space was used as a community hall for residents and we have been told that there are plans for it to revert back to a community hall. However after speaking to Odu-Dua they could not confirm or deny these plans.

In the past when used as a community hall there was neglect and reports of anti-social behaviour, in turn, allowing it to be turned into a nursery, from which the residents greatly benefit.

Myself and other parents have been in contact with Tulip Siddiq MP, Early Years Education at Camden and the housing associations involved.

To be told at such short notice will make finding alternative nursery places for September difficult.

It is such a shame and would be a great loss to the community if this nursery closes as I have found that the staff and environment in which the children learn is very positive and my daughter thoroughly enjoys attending every day.

I hope that being able to share this story on a public platform will help raise this concern and potentially influence a more positive outcome.



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