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We need to change our mindset over waste collection

21 April, 2017

Rubbish bags and waste pile up at Dorney Towers in Belsize Park 

• I READ with interest your April 13 coverage regarding the new waste collection (Sorry about the mess!) and the many complaints arising from it.

With the massive problem of waste in this country and elsewhere and what to do with it, along with the ever expanding land fill sites, it is patently obvious, and has been for some time, that we need to change our mindset over waste collection.

Getting residents to focus on recycling cannot be but a good thing. If we recycled efficiently then clearly there would be no need for weekly bin collections.  We are woefully lagging behind most European countries in this respect.

I have been told that a week prior to the switch-over there was a 400 per cent rise in residents ordering food waste caddies. That’s promising! The message is getting through.

There is currently a massive campaign going on about the amount of plastic – swathes of it lining our ocean floors and now in our food chain. We are eating plastic – it’s in our fish.

I also read with interest the Tory councillors’ letter (Not coping, April 13), stating they advocate bringing back weekly bin collections and to pay for it they would “clamp down on wasteful expenditure” but they don’t say exactly what they would clamp down on.

We’ve already had cuts to adult social care and youth services, library closures, closures that almost always affect our most vulnerable in our community. I didn’t hear them complaining of those cuts.

What exactly would they axe further in order that we have weekly bin collections? I know what I would opt for.

Incidentally, the photos of nice neat piles of rubbish, exactly like what the bin men do just minutes before they collect for the garbage truck, seem to me just a little obvious. If those piles of rubbish had been out overnight – just one night, they would have been ripped to shreds by foxes and we would have seen that in those photos.

With a project of this magnitude, yes, no doubt, there’s bound to be teething problems. I take my hat off to Cllr Meric Apak.

It’s reassuring to know that someone is dealing with this monumental and urgent problem in Camden without having to slash funding to essential services to finance it.

Islip Street, NW5


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