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We need to hear more from Lord Berkeley on HS2

06 December, 2019

• I WRITE with regard to the letter about Lord Berkeley’s declaration, that the Oakervee HS2 report was a whitewash, (Peer warns HS2 report is a ‘whitewash’ as rail scheme looks set to be saved from the chop, November 21).

This, of course, is no surprise, as HS2’s ruthlessness is nothing new. So I do hope that Lord Berkeley will write his own report, as he later said he would; and hopefully expose the whole disreputable, sordid and tainted HS2 travesty of callousness, greed, and dishonesty!

And as HS2 is one of the most catastrophic, ecological and environmental threats that this country faces – which the two major political parties are backing and underplaying its environmental – HS2 must be included in any leaders’ climate debates, and ultimately be scrapped.

Furthermore, with all the excuses about planting thousands of replacement trees, it would be helpful if HS2 weren’t busy destroying the eco-systems and trees that we already have. Where is the newly-estimated £103billion to pay for HS2 to come from?

Labour says it wants to nationalise the railways – I challenge any politician out there to answer this questions and to justify HS2 going ahead.



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