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We need to highlight the brutality happening at Napier barracks

11 February, 2021

• WE are haunted by what’s happening to the men held in detention in Napier barracks, Kent.

We are a group of women asylum seekers based at the Crossroads Women’s Centre in Camden.

Many of us have been in Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre at some point and some of us were kept there for months. The conditions inside were brutal.

We were separated from our families, faced constant abuse from guards, were deprived of health care, and given inedible food. But what we suffered is in many ways nothing compared to what the Napier barracks men are going through.

Do people know that when men tried to escape the recent fire, the police actually took them back and forced them to stay there?

They are without blankets and without decent food in this freezing weather. But the most frightening thing has been the reaction from the government defending their policy of housing people in barracks.

We feel we need to tell the population that if people sit by and allow this to happen to asylum seekers it won’t be long before it will become the housing policy for all.

This government is trying to lower all our standards, forcing us to accept the unacceptable. We must publicise and oppose this brutality.

All African Women’s Group
Crossroads Women’s Centre


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