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We need to leave before we are tapped for bail-out money

13 December, 2019

• THEO Morgan (Our voting system needs a shake-up, give us PR, December 6) conflates and confuses two distinct elements of our democratic processes, namely, representation and decision-making.

The former certainly requires adjustment (I addressed this in my letter of September 9 2016) whereas the latter is OK as it is.

A quorum of participants makes a majority decision and absentees, abstainers and losers all agree to abide by that decision. This is how parliament, companies, unions and hundreds of other organisations conduct their affairs.

It is more than ironic, not to say hilarious, that when our unrepresentative parliament temporarily rescinded sovereignty to the (obviously far more representative) electorate by outsourcing the decision on whether or not to maintain our membership of the European Union, it should backfire so spectacularly. That’s democracy for you!

One of the most plaintive cries (among many) for desperately trying to claw this decision back runs “but no one said how they wanted to leave”. We were not asked how we wanted to leave; we were asked if we wanted to leave.

Therefore any further referendum can only logically and democratically flow from the result of the last one – that is – leave with the best deal we can get or leave without a deal. The option to remain was taken off the table three-and-a-half years ago.

The equally desperate assertion that “we know far more about the European Union now than we did in 2016” is indeed affirmed by our new knowledge that the European Union is in even more of a financial mess than we suspected.

We need to be well out of there before the meadow muffins hit the propellers and we are tapped for bail-out money.

Brewer Street, W1


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