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We received a ‘fire risk assessment’ letter on Christmas Eve

07 January, 2021

• ON Christmas Eve letters from the managing agents of Lock House were hand-delivered, informing us there was a “mitigating fire risk assessment” in the property.

That is, combustible cladding; and from January 1 we would have a full walking watch on the property and this would continue until such time as the cladding had been removed from the premises.

In the meantime our instructions changed from “staying put” if there was a fire, to vacating the building as soon as possible.

There were no further details as to where the cladding is or why, in the 12 years the property has been occupied, this problem has not previously been discovered.

After the Grenfell tower fire disaster officers came to inspect the property and we were informed it was safe with no problems. So questions need to be answered.

Why deliver these letters on Christmas Eve knowing we could not contact anyone for further information until January 4? We all have enough stress and problems with Covid-19 without the risk of fire being added to spoil what festive season we had left.

Those of us in the housing association part of the property might have expected some sort of communication from our housing officer, as they would have been informed.

How foolish of us to expect that courtesy. They do not own the property or administer the building; they are only responsible for the individual flats and tenants. Communication is almost non-existent and there is little or no respect for the residents or the property.

The managing agents have recently changed and a new property management appointed; but we have received no information of this change. The first time most of tenants found out about this change was with the letter mentioned.

Lock House,
Oval Road, NW1


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