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We support the rent-freeze request at Matilda Apartments

08 November, 2018

The Matilda Apartments

• FURTHER to your report about Clarion Housing Association and the difficulties being experienced by their residents in Matilda Apartments, (Freeze our rents, say boiler breakdown residents, November 1), we fully support their request to freeze rent increases until 12 months have elapsed “without a major incident”.

We would also urge Clarion to reconsider imposing a new service charge of £650, after everything that has gone on there, as this feels to us like a clear case of adding insult to injury.

We’d also like to say we were surprised by all that has gone on at Matilda Apartments but since one of our staff members used to work for them back when they were called Circle 33, it would appear that they are still having problems managing their new housing developments.

Camden Council in a recent report stated that: “In December 2016 the regulatory body for housing associations, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), had published a regulatory notice finding that Circle had failed to meet the government’s basic standards for services to tenants”, so it would appear their deficiencies are not just limited to this activity.

Also in 2016 we set up Camden Housing Association Residents’ Group. It was created in response to a recommendation made by Camden ’s housing scrutiny committee and growing concerns that many people felt their landlords were unaccountable and weren’t listening and responding to their needs.

And from Clarion’s recent appearance it would seem that this committee is still having to “call-in” these landlords to explain their actions (or lack of them).

The purpose of the group is to:

– improve engagement between HAs and their residents;

– make HAs more responsive to the needs of their residents;

– give politicians and policy-makers the residents’ perspective of HAs with a view to bringing about change and improvements in how they operate.

So if any of your readers have a housing association as their landlord we would urge them to join our group as it now covers residents of HAs such as Origin, One Housing Group, Peabody, Clarion, Notting Hill Genesis, and specialist ones such as Central & Cecil Housing Trust.

Organiser, Camden Federation of Private Tenants


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