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Wearing a red poppy does not glorify war

15 November, 2019

• WEARING a red poppy does not glorify war, (We need to reject warfare, November 7). It does not glorify killing; it does not glorify innocent lives lost.

It symbolises remembrance of the selfless and noble men and women who fought for our country so that we can have an opinion on whether or not to wear a red poppy on Remembrance day. It symbolises strength and courage; it symbolises loss of all lives, those who fought for peace and those sadly in the crossfire.

I wear my poppy with gratitude not just for my grandfather who fought in World War II but for every man and woman who fought, who risked their lives without question for a peaceful future not just for their own country but for the civilians and their future of the country they were fighting against.

I wear it for every innocent life lost, or affected, by war all over the world. Wearing a red poppy I will continue to do with the utmost respect, admiration and gratitude that I have the freedom to have my voice; the same as my children and one day their children.

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