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Weighing the cost of measles and more…

31 July, 2020

Vax & facts

• DAVID Reed (Vaccinations can’t be made voluntary, July 16) makes some important points.

I am encouraged someone is considering the “hard science” of this matter. Unfortunately, in presenting only selective figures, he is only reinforcing the anti-vax argument.

He states that “globally, over 142,000 died from measles in 2018”. I am sure he would agree the need for clear, evidence-based, analyses.

Consequently I invite him to present the figure of the total number of global measles cases in 2018, so the anti-vaxxers can appreciate the huge proportion of those who contract measles do indeed die.

In conjunction with this, of the total global figure, he needs to present the proportion who are suffering from severe malnutrition and the like, so the anti-vaxxers can understand that the global death rate from measles is nothing at all to do with such socio-economic factors, as Mr Reed asserts.

In the absence of such information, as he will appreciate, the absolute figures he presents are meaningless and he unfortunately discredits our whole pro-vaccine argument for not only measles but also for any other disease, including Covid-19.



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