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We’ll have no say in the election of the new Tory leader

13 June, 2019

Boris Johnson, who won the first round of Tory leadership contest

• WELL, doesn’t it seem like we’ve been here before? As soon as an election process heaves in to view, be it for a general election or to select a new prime minister, then all the razzmatazz comes out and candidates are promising to start this or stop that, change this or change that, until we are all extremely confused, just like the Brexit process.

It also seems that at these moments news start to come out of government departments or public bodies at an increased rate. So on Monday the business of TV licences for the elderly came up. It seems like they are designed to put a smokescreen between us and the important matters.

And, of course, we will have no role to play in the election of the new Tory leader. That is left to the Tory membership, who will possibly have forgotten that all their wealth has enabled them to take perfectly awful decisions in their own lives, avoiding tax, buying hugely expensive motor cars, disability equipment or personal care, and watching their capital diminishing to nothing as the interest rates have got lower and suddenly they have nothing to live on or they have to do equity release.

And to close on the Brexit process, I wonder how many of the people who voted for it originally would do so a second time round, given the loss of manual and office jobs, the lack of agricultural, hospital, cleaning, and restaurant staff; to say nothing of the hideous problem of travel and also of trade, both in Ireland and with the USA.

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