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We’re left to deal with HS2’s destruction

29 October, 2020

HS2: ‘I now feel very unsafe living in my own home’

• I AM a leaseholder living in Coniston flats and think it’s outrageous that we leaseholders are being left behind to cope with HS2’s destruction, (Unprecedented council homes plan for HS2 tenants, October 22).

Although it seems Camden Council now acknowledge the awful plight all the residents are in, more should have been done to help all leaseholders on the Regent’s Park estate many years ago.

HS2 cites among “a number of measures in place” to minimise disruptions fitting noise inhibiting windows in our homes. I am still waiting for those to be fitted.

I email constantly to HS2 to complain about the noise levels we are suffering from all four sides of Coniston block – but only ever receive a reply saying my complaint has been logged and a reference number given to me.

HS2 now tells us that they will soon start to tunnel under Coniston flats less than 30 feet away. I am very worried about this. I now feel very unsafe living in my own home.



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