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Westminster goes logo loco

30 July, 2019

WHAT brand name says Westminster Council housing more than any other?

A few suggestions spring to Diary’s mind: A Gerrymander Storey; Out of the Borough Living; Porter Stone…

Logo experts have been wrestling with the subject as part of a revamp of the council’s current property arm.

The new company will play a key role in marketing housing being built in several developments across the borough.

Some slides from the PR exercise show the ideas, and reasoning, behind some of the current “concept suggestions”.

For example, “Westminster Storey” – a “play on words between storey and story”– is the “start of a new chapter in your life”.

For “W-Living” – the experts say that reducing Westminster down to simply a “W” conjures up a “entirely different set of values”, adding: “We are Westminster, quiet and confident.”

“Portland Stone” is a name “synonymous with Westminster” and a word that “conjures up feelings of security and performance” and of “high quality”.

“Proxima” is being considered because the name “derives from the close proximity the developments have to all that central has to offer”.

“A Proxima home speaks to the young professional who dreams of living in zone 1, and Westminster has made this a possibility.

“The name Proxima has no connotations of wealth or privilege and as such remains accessible for anyone desiring stylish central living – whether it’s affordable or market housing.”

The tone of the branding spiel has raised questions from sources in the council.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, who wrote a book about Shirley Porter and the housing scandal of the 1980s and 1990s, told Diary: “There are over 4,000 families on the housing waiting list so why do they need a ‘brand strategy’?

“The name ‘Westminster Council Housing’ should be enough or are they ashamed of building new council housing? Or is the Conservative plan that the new housing will not be for people in housing need?”


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