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We’ve been astonished at what’s going down at the renamed Kiln theatre

13 September, 2018

Protesters led a picket outside the Kiln theatre on Monday night, calling on the management board to reverse their decision to scrap the name the Tricycle

• KILBURN theatre goers have been recently astonished by what has been going down at the renamed Kiln theatre.

In Kilburn we are very proud of our local community theatre, the Tricycle, especially with the past, ground-breaking political theatre presented by Nicholas Kent, the previous artistic director.

The Tricycle theatre has been a well loved community hub for many years, recognised London- wide with an international reputation.

We are a welcoming community and were getting rather excited by the idea of the new theatre being reopened, after being closed for two years. We had heard Indhu Rubasingham was meant to be a talented director and thought she would bring in new exciting ideas.

In Kilburn we are very open to change and welcome diversity. We loved the previous challenging plays from Nicholas Kent. We thought the new artistic director would further enhance the well-respected legacy of the Tricycle.

We welcomed the Tricycle theatre getting £7million of public funding under the Tricycle name. However, we have been brought down to Earth with a resounding bump as we found the theatre board members who do not live in the area have changed the name of our beloved theatre, to a most ridiculous name… the Kiln.

There was no community consultation. We asked around again and again, no one can recall being asked about a new theatre name. The generous funding was agreed using the name of the Tricycle. What ever is going on?

The CNJ came in, and quite rightly highlighted to the wider community how the theatre’s name had been changed, and reported, in an unbiased way, how local theatre goers were speaking out.

That indeed is the correct role of a local paper and most likely why the CNJ recently received the award for best weekly newspaper in the UK in this current year’s Regional Press awards.

However, sadly, we found this sorry saga went from bad to worse with the newly-named Kiln theatre punishing our favourite award-winning paper by banning the CNJ from the reopening of the theatre. Thank goodness someone has used their common sense and reversed the ridiculous decision. Quite rightly.

The CNJ has excellent coverage of the arts as well as current news. If the Kiln wants to win the hearts of the Kilburn community they need to respect our local press.

Hazlemere Road, NW6


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