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What about Ken’s ‘camp guard’ comment?

10 August, 2018

• RUTH Steigman avers that she has never seen anti-semitism in the Labour Party, (Corbyn’s opponents could be boosting anti-Semitism, August 3). Arsene Wenger, too, never saw anything.

Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone have been close friends for many years. Some time ago Mr Livingstone likened a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard. He never apologised, yet for many years continued to hold the Labour whip.

What is certain is that neither this reporter nor any other reporter in Britain ever took part in the systematic and ruthless murder of millions of people because they were Jewish – or homosexuals or immigrants (that is, non-Aryans other than Japanese) or Gypsies, Jesuits, Jehovah’s Witnesses, outspoken Protestants or Catholic priests, or anyone else perceived as a threat to the Nazis. Even Esperanto was prohibited.

More recently, Ken pronounced that Hitler was a Zionist who later went mad.

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